• 1.Q:Why GenesPrint?

    A:GenesPrint is a biotechnology company dedicated to preventive and rehabilitation medicine through genetic testing. Led by the research teams of local and overseas universities, they develop their own products. We firmly believe that by providing professional genetic testing services, medical technology can help you understand the health of yourself and your family, improve your life, allow you to have a positive attitude towards life and health, detect and understand as soon as possible, and treat the disease.

  • 2.Q:Do GenesPrint Reliable?


    Professional and reliable

    GenesPrint has passed the American Biotechnology Qualification Certification. It is professionally reliable, has many years of biological research experience, has the most advanced laboratory, and cooperates with an experienced medical team to ensure that your genetic analysis is accurate. The test uses instruments and reagents of the leading biomedical technology companies in the United States, and also uses technologies that have been approved by the US FDA, ISO, and CLIA for testing. The team is led by a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and is composed of experienced college research talents. Each member has extensive knowledge of international clinical research, as well as professional knowledge and experience in academia and industry. 

    Personalized experience

    Our genetic test hopes to give you a personalized experience, and can create a unique health plan based on the results of your report. Genetic testing analyzes the characteristics of the Chinese body and provides a basis for you to detect a variety of diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. Services also include health risk assessment, genetic diseases, etc.

    After-sales service

    In addition to rigorous testing, GenesPrint will not ignore the after-sales service, you can also give the report to the doctor to explain to you, only 30 to 45 minutes, you can thoroughly understand your health needs. As your reliable health partner, we hope to assist you in setting up a health plan specifically for you and work with you to make long-term health plans.

  • 3.Q:What is Genetic Test?

    A:A large amount of human health information can be received and reflected in genes. Genetic testing looks at your genes through precision laboratory testing methods, which can help diagnose diseases such as cancer or some hidden diseases. Assess the hidden risks of the body based on DNA to help patients and doctors screen out the best course of treatment.

    Genetic testing tests DNA through saliva or blood.

    GenesPrint mainly extracts the oral mucosa cells (saliva) of the examinee. Check the molecular information in the cells through advanced equipment, quickly analyze your physical condition, and make suggestions and solutions. The test is highly flexible, simple, fast, painless, and there is no need to blindly detect irrelevant items. Extensive testing content, using a variety of testing technologies, ranging from SNP based to full-gene testing, with 1 to 2700 tests ranging from local to comprehensive testing for your personal needs. Because the genetic variation of pathogenic genes in different races is very different, the test is specifically designed for Chinese genes, whether children or the elderly, patients or healthy people, can choose the right genetic test for you.

  • 4.Q: Why Do We Need To Do Genetic Test?

    A:The human body is made up of cell tissue. The nucleus in the cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes given to us by our parents. Chromosomes are mainly composed of proteins and DNA, while genes are carried by DNA sequences, which are the basic genetic units of the body and have our genetic information. The DNA sequence in the gene has a coding function, which enables it to control the differential performance of individual organisms, such as protein synthesis and metabolism. Therefore, genes have a key role in our physical and mental health or intrinsic potential. The human body's genes are as complex as a treasure map. It requires us to use an appropriate compass to find the body's treasure.

    Genetic testing is the compass of the genetic world. It is a medical testing method that recognizes changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. The results of genetic testing can confirm or exclude suspicious genetic diseases or help determine a person's chance of developing or transmitting genetic diseases. Its advantage lies in the use of simple and sophisticated biotechnology, while matching each person's unique genetic combination to make the most informed medical or health decision.

  • 5.Q:How To Do A Genetic Test?

    A:You only need to perform 3 simple step:
    1)Fill out the consent form and get your test kit.

    2)Use our patented Nucleic Acid collector to collect the sample. Send back to us by post. 

    3)  We will send you back a comprehensive report regarding your health situation. 

  • 6.Q:Who Is Suitable For Genetic Test?

    A:Everybody is good for doing a genetic test. However, people who has family genetic disorder should perform a genetic test regularly in order to monitor the health situation.

  • 7.Q:What Do We Need To Prepare For a Genetic Test?

    A:You only need to use the GenesPrint sample collection kit to get a small amount of saliva and give it to us. You can choose to sit at home or make an appointment with your private doctor for testing to ensure that you can complete the genetic test easily

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