Human genes are as complex as treasure maps. Genetics testing is the compass that leads you to the treasure inside your genetic world. There are million hidden messages in our genes, imprinted inside our body since we are born. Every gene holds an important and decisive role in shaping the inside out of us. Yet, we still need to discover on our own initiative in order to grasp our treasure map.

GenesPrint is devoted to utilize genetic tests technology and allow clients to reveal genetic messages. GenesPrint is led by local and overseas university research teams with highly efficient and advanced laboratories with self-developed products. Our genetic tests are customized for Asian and designed by our professional research team. To provide a precise analyse, our genetic tests based on an authoritative database with an analytic instrument. Also, we would like to provide service/genetic tests at a reasonable price for everyone to receive their inner messages of genes easily.  

We wish to focus on your particular needs and assists you in building plans for your health. We provide a flexible genetic test for improving your health plan. There are certain limitations among other medical check-ups, it usually gets a definite diagnose after the onset of disease. Our genetic tests emphasise on the clarification of your body constitution and health. Through the hidden crisis acknowledgement from our genetic test, you may take the best precaution and/or treatment at an early stage which lowers the disease damage. 

GenesPrint is equipped with professional medical science and technology. Our reliable and trustworthy genetic tests allow you to comprehend your healthcare status and crisis before improving you and/or your family health planning. Let GenesPrint be your best companion on your healthy journey.

Joining the fight against COVID-19

Current nucleic acid detection reagents take a long time and have intricate operations. They are unable to meet the fast-growing needs of the quick testing on suspected patients and asymptomatic infections.

To meet global demands for quick and efficient testing, GenesPrint developed a new method of rapid virus detection based on antibody-antigen reaction for a wide variety of medical conditions 

This rapid test kit can detect corresponding antibodies in test sample and generate results in as fast as 8 minutes.

This test kit is easy and quick to use, it shortens the testing time and offers rapid diagnosis of suspected patients and on-site screen of people in close contact.

For all US hospitals looking for COVID-19 rapid test kits please contact our exclusive distributor infrawear,LLC @

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