What is genetic test? 

Saliva is all we need.
No wound. No pain.
GenesPrint swab kit is user-friendly and convenient. 
The report will be sent shortly after you send back your swab. 
We aim to provide the best services to you. 

Three steps. It's simple.


After ordering from GenesPrint website, your swab kit will arrive within 3 to 5 days after ordering on our website. Express shipping is available. 

2. Spit

Follow kit instructions to collect saliva sample — all from home. Place your consent form and sample altogether into the return envelope, and mail it back to GenesPrint. 


In approximately 2-8 weeks, we will send the analytical report to you through your email address. 


Personalized Experience 

We would like to provide a personalized genetic test for you. You can create your own health care plan based on your genetic report. Our genetic test uses Asian’s features data to analyse different risks of disease for you e.g. cancer, heart disease. Our service also includes disease risk assessment, test on genetic disease and test on medicine reaction.

Benefits of Genetic Test

Genetic test is the compass that leads to genetic world. It is a medical test which identifies chromosome, genes and the variety of protein. The results of genetic test could confirm and exclude the suspected genetic disease. Hence, it could identify one's morbidity and/or propagate rate in genetic disease. The advantage of genetic test is that it supports you to make advisable health care decisions by applying one's unique genes combination onto simple and accurate biological science.

Who should test/ Applicable 

All age is suitable for testing. 
-Having an unhealthy lifestyles 
-Inadequate exercises 
-Living under stress 
-Weak immune system 
-In doubt of having morbidity of tumor or any genetic disease (e.g. several family members share the same type of cancer, two or more direct relatives have rare tumor) 
-Exposing often in environment with high radiation or pollution 
-Carrying chronic disease(s)

Receive Genetic Report Through GenesPrint or Your Doctor

GenesPrint will inform you when the analysis is finished. The report will be sent to the email that you provided to us. We have a list of professionals for consultation, you may know more about your report. 

If you purchase our genetic test service through your family doctor, you may have a consultation with them after receiving the report. For sure, you may consult our appointed doctor. We understand that our test may be critical to your health decision and upcoming treatments, that’s why we promised to offer you a precise result within a short time

Book Our Test

You are welcome to visit GenesPrint website for booking. You may appoint your preferable doctor among GenesPrint suggested list. You may arrange an appointment with your selected doctor for the genetic test. Report will be handed to your appointed doctor for your further consultation 

Overseas Booking 

GenesPrint set sight on providing services globally. If you are living outside Hong Kong, you may purchase our genetic test service from GenesPrint official website “www.gsprint.co”. Our swab kit will be free delivered to your country.

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